Dendrochilum orchids are related to Coelogyne and occur in similar biomes – high elevations, humid tropical rainforests. They are Asian sympodial epiphytic, lithophytic or occasionally terrestrial orchids. Dendrochilum orchids do not have large, showy flowers, nor do they have a fantastic aroma. 

Their flowers are tiny, star-shaped and arranged into two-row racemes, which can be as much as 50 cm long in some species. They are curious orchids, not very splendid or extremely beautiful, but they are quite popular, and there is a large range of Dendrochilum species you can buy and grow. 

Tiny and miniature species, for example Dendrochilum irigense, could be either potted or mounted on slabs. 

In general, Dendrochilum orchid care is not very difficult. If mounted, they need humidity, watering, bright light without direct sunlight, intermediate to warm temperatures and occasional fertilisers. If grown potted, open mixture containing bark, tree fern, some sphagnum moss could be used. 

They are rather easy in cultivation, do not need extreme high light levels or cool climate, and there are a lot of species with different pseudobulbs, leaves, flowers, growth habit. Dendrochilum orchids are ideal for species orchid enthusiasts.