The Orchid Species Society Inc. members are dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of species orchids worldwide and making sure that, due to the extensive clearing of forests throughout the planet, orchid plants and seed are acquired so that many of the species orchids will be available to future generations once they become extinct in the wild.

Monthly Meetings

We meet every third Monday of each month (except December) at the Red Hill Community Sports Club.

About Us

The Orchid Species Society Inc. was established in 1972, and is the first Species Orchid Society to be established worldwide.

The objectives of The Orchid Species Society Inc. are:

  • To support conservation of Orchid Species in their natural habitat.
  • To promote the conservation of Orchid Species by artificial propagation.
  • To promote scientific and cultural knowledge of Orchid Species.
  • To create public interest in the activities of the Society.

Monthly Bulletin

The Orchid Species Bulletin is published monthly, and sent to members by post or electronically.


Some orchid species from our members

Upcoming Events